Fully Funded Scholarship in France 2021-2022 (Government and Non Government Scholarship Programs in France)

Fully Funded Scholarship in France 2021-2022 (Government and Non Government Scholarship Programs in France)

Career help portal is bringing an other amazing opportunity for worldwide Students. Fully Funded Scholarship in France are open under various Government and Non Government Scholarship Programs. France is considered to be one of the top leading countries in Europe that have a world-class and excellent higher education system. According to the World University Ranking System, French universities are one of the top-ranked universities in the world.

There are thousands of international Scholarships available for higher education in France. There are many programs open in France for Masters and PhD programs. There are also some programs available for undergraduate degree programs but these are limited ones. Also there are many programs that are recently active under Non Government or you can say Private Organizations. Private or Non Government Organizations from over the world provide opportunities to study in France and abroad. The opportunities in France provide infinite advantages to international students in terms of quality education. So, a chance to study in France is an excellent life-changing opportunity for anyone.
According to the International Nobel Organizations, France achieved about 13th Nobel Medals in different education fields and research. Every year French Government and universities call talented International students from all over the world to participates in innovative research activities and to give their best in the modern research era. There are a lot of fully funded Scholarship opportunities for you but some are partially funded. Career help portal has collected a list of Scholarships available for students from all over the world. 
So what are you waiting for? Check out all the given details of these programs and then apply:

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Description of Fully Funded Scholarship in France 2021-2022

  • Host county: France
  • Program title: Fully Funded Scholarship in France 2021-2022 (Government and Non Government Scholarship Programs in France)
  • Students who are enrolled in any university can apply freely.
  • Host institution/Organization: This program is announced under various Government and Non Government Organizations
  • Registration fee: Not Applicable in most of the programs
  • Financial assistance: Fully Funded and Funded
  • Duration of program: Mostly 02 and 03 years for Masters and PhD degree Programs respectively. For undergraduates, it may vary.
  • Available Disciplines/Fields: Undergraduates, Masters and PhD degree Programs 
  • Gender eligibility: No restriction in most of the programs
  • Deadline: Different for different degree Programs

List of Fully Funded Scholarship in France by French Government

Here we have compiled all the Scholarships available for international students provided by the French Government. In order to promote higher education in France, French Government has been providing Scholarship opportunities from many years

Erasmus + Scholarships in France 2021-22

Erasmus + Scholarship is one of the top fully-funded International scholarships in Europe that open every year for International students of the world. Every year, Erasmus+ Scholarships are announced all over the world and a lot international students get chances to study their higher education abroad. Similarly, France also provides such opportunities. There are multiple Scholarships Programs in multiple fields under Erasmus + Scholarships in Europe.

Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence in France 2021-22

Every year French government announces International Scholarships Program under the name ” Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence” for worldwide Students. It is a France Government Scholarship Program that offers various fields of study (including engineering, management, law, economics, as well as political science). International Students cannot apply directly for this scholarship, So students need to first find the university, contact them and ask to apply for Eiffel Scholarship.


List of Fully Funded Scholarship in France by Non-Government Organizations

Career help portal has compiled a detailed list of Non- Government Scholarships provided by the private Organizations. You can go with any program that supports you field of study. 

Ampère Excellence Scholarship in France

ENS de Lyon is one of the famous universities in France that offers an Ampère Excellence Scholarship every year. This Ampère Excellence Scholarship is available for International Students from all over the world to pursue different Masters Degree programs available at ENS de Lyon. This scholarship would provide a financial grant of up to 1,000 euros/month, which is enough to cover your living and other expenses in France. This is not a fully funded program by the host University but it’ll cover most of your expenses for Masters studies at France. 

Stephen M. Kellen Scholarship in France

Stephen M. Kellen Scholarship in France is one of the merit-based international scholarships for the students who are enrolled at Sciences Po University, France. It is a fully-funded International scholarship program that supports up to two years. Applications for admission and Scholarships are opened annually. You should never lose this opportunity if you want to get higher education in world’s most prestigious institutions at France. 

Career help portal is expecting to give the complete details of some Government and Non Government Scholarship Programs available in world’s best universities in France. So, don’t waste your time. Target a scholarship, work on it’s documentation and try to grab. Good luck!


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