HR internships London 2021 (paid Internships in UK)

HR internships London 2021 (paid Internships in UK)

Career help portal is bringing an other amazing opportunity for worldwide graduates.

Applications are open for HR internships London 2021. It’s an opportunity for all those Students who have completed their Bechlors at any University. A large number of vacancies are available. If you’re interested, then you should not wait for it as it hires employees on fist come first serve basis. HR stands for Human Resources, as you know well. So it indicates that only the Students who have completed at least their Bechlors degree program in any major subject of Human Resource program, are completely eligible for this program. The thing that is important to note is that you must have a little bit experience. It’s not as compulsory requirement but it gives you plus points to win HR internships London 2021. The Brattle Group is seeking for a driven human resources assistant at London, UK office.
The Human Resources (HR) Assistant will provide the support to the functional areas of the HR department with a focus on the Employee Experience team, Benefits and the Compensation team and the Talent Acquisition (TA) team at their office. All the requirements and responsibilities of Internees are explained below in coming sections but the main and the basic requirement that must be fulfilled is your minimum Bechlors degree in Human Resource program. So are you ready? Wait is over. Checkout the whole details and qualification criteria of HR internships London 2021 (paid Internships in UK) and then apply.

Table of Contents

Description of HR internships London 2021

Description of HR internships London 2021 is provided below:
  • Host country: UK
  • Host organization: The Brattle Group
  • Internship location: London, UK
  • Duration of internship: Not defined
  • Application mode: Online only
  • Financial assistance: paid
  • Deadline: No Deadline (Applications open for limited duration)

About Brattle Group

The Brattle Group provides consulting services and expert testimony in economics, finance, and regulation to corporations, law firms, and public agencies. It was founded in 1990 and it’s a greatest organization having employees more than 350 in different headquarters and offices (according to 2019 report). As of 2019, the company had offices in Boston, Brussels, Chicago, London, Madrid, New York City, Rome, San Francisco, Sydney, Toronto, and Washington, DC.Main Headquarters location:

  • Boston
  • Massachusetts
  • United States

Responsibilities of Interns

All the specific responsibilities that are not limited for HR internships London 2021 are listed below:
  • Interns will assist with recruiting including the conduction of interviews for specific jobs, greet and warm-up with the coming candidates at their office place.
  • He/she will assist with the staff for data entry for new staffs that is hired in European offices.
  • He/she will have to create and save the electronic employee files for future use.
  • All the Interns will help/assist for the arrangements of visa Applications, tracking the current status of visa Applications, arrangements for the renewals of visas. Managing maintaining the annual audit files. 
  • Assist with employee benefit enrollments and leave of absence paperwork.
  • Performing administrative works like scheduling meetings and conducting them smoothly.
  • Act as secondary resource to the HR Assistants in the United States. Which shows that if your performance is satisfactory, then you’ll get much extra chances for job.
  • And other data entry operator and relating responsibilities.


Qualification/Eligibility criteria

The qualification and eligibility criteria of HR internships London 2021 is given below:
  • It’s compulsory for all the interested candidates to have at least Bechlors degree at time of Application.
  • It’s also compulsory to have Previous experience working in HR, ideally in a the professional services environment, an understanding of HR best practices, and an understanding of the employment law issues.
  • There’s no age restriction given for this opportunity.
  • It’s also compulsory for Applicants to have intermediate knowledge about the Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint as it’s a work all about data entry and other relating tasks.
  • Applicant must be able in exercising good judgment in handling matters and other relating challenges.
  • He/she must be dedicated to his/her work and have good communication behavior with customers.
  • Must have the Ability to build rapport with team and internal clients.
  • He/she should have problem solving attitude.
  • Applicant should be good in languages like Spanish, French or Italian. It’s not Compulsory for Applicants but it might be a plus point for him/her to win this opportunity.
  • He/she should have good health. He/she shouldn’t hesitate if overtime work is demanded if required. It’ll give him/her good revenue.
  • Occasional travel might be required. So the Applicants must be friendly to traveling experience. In fact it should be fun for him/her along with work.

What it covers

Now it’s time to talk about the benefits of HR internships London 2021 (paid Internships in UK). All the benefits are listed below:
  • Compensation and benefits package of medical and dental Health insurance.
  • Income protection (well paid).
  • Pensions
  • Internal professional and training development of Interns.
  • Designed to reward success at all levels.
  • Free travels and trips to different places.
  • No Application fee at time of Submission.
  • All the details of compensation and benefits package may also dependent over the abilities of Interns. Also over skills and knowledge of Interns.

Required Documents

There’s no need of formal required documents for HR internships London 2021. You need just CV and cover letter. Your CV must be good enough. It should be very effective that will reward you.


There’s no Deadline mentioned for HR internships London 2021 (paid Internships in UK). But it’s open for a very limited time. All the Internships will be provided on first come first serve basis. So don’t waste your time.

How to apply

So, have you checked out all the requirements of this opportunity? Have you also gone through the responsibilities of an internee. If yes and still want to apply,then wait is over. Follow the given links to official website where you have to check Complete details and apply.


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