Study plan for cSC scholarship 2023-24 (Download template)

Study plan for CSC scholarship 2023-24 (Download template)

Study Plan is asked to be provided to understand your goals and how you are going to achieve these goals. They are devised to follow the schedule of your study timing. The study plan is asked explicitly by the Chinese Scholarship Council(CSC) while applying for admission to a Chinese University.

Effective Four Steps

Step 1:
Find the purpose of your study plan. Classify it for college or scholarship plan and try to provide all the necessary information according to need.
Step 2:
Make a time table to identify how much time you need to complete each activity of the day. Try to take detailed notes of your activities throughout the day to make your chart effective next time.
Step 3:
Devise a monthly or semester calendar for your study and task and update it every day. Moreover, mark essential days and events in your chart.
Step 4:
Before each session tries to remind you why you need to study, what you need to improve and what goals you want to achieve through your study plan and make notes of them and write them.

study plan for csc scholarships
study plan for csc scholarships

Template section

Here career help portal has attached an MS word file that is editable and you can use in your application.


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