HEC need base scholarship program 2021 for UAF students

HEC need base scholarship program 2021 for UAF students

Career help portal brings another opportunity for needy undergraduate students. Applications are open HEC need base scholarship program 2021 for UAF students. One of the great organization, Higher Education Commission has announced HEC need base scholarship program 2021 for undergraduate students of Pakistan studying in any public university that is recognized by Higher Education Commission. The main objective of this scholarship is to support the needy students & to erase the difficulties that a student faces while studying and starting his/her university academics. Only undergraduates of the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan, students are eligible for this program.

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Brief Description

A brief overview of HEC need base scholarship program 2021 is given by:

  • Host organization: HEC Pakistan
  • Eligible students: All undergraduates of the University of Agriculture Faisalabad.
  • Financial coverage: Tuition fee and a monthly stipend of 6000/-Rs that a student gets in installments form.
  • Deadline:05 June 2021

Eligibility Criteria

Details of eligibility of HEC need based scholarship program 2021 is given as:

  • All the undergraduates of UAF who have got admission on a merit base, are eligible for this program.
  • All the undergraduate students from the 1st to 10th semester (in the 04/05 years degree program) are eligible.
  • Any student who is already getting financial assistance from HEC or any other organization is not eligible.
  • Students belonging to self-finance degree disciplines are not eligible.
  • In some universities, some degree programs have sitting in the evening, they are eligible for
  • HEC need based scholarship program 2021 In case of degree discipline in Medicine, Pharm-D, and other five year programs the whole funding will be made available for the complete degree program.
  • The monthly income of the applicant’s guardian should be equal to or less than 45000/Rs.
  • Applicants must have a minimum of 2.5 CGPA in the 04 CGPA grading system.
  • UAF students from PARS and all the sub-campuses are also eligible for this program.

The penalty of false information

All the interested applicants must put the right information in application forms, otherwise, it will lead to:

  • Admission cancellation
  • Rustication from University.
  • Initiation of a criminal proceeding.
  • Disqualification of rewards at any stage.
  • You have to refund all previous rewards if found in the penalty category.

The scholarship award process of HEC need-based scholarship program 2021

Eligible candidates have to submit the online application form. After that they would have to appear in an interview. The interview committee will decide either you are deserving of this scholarship or not. After the interview, the administration of the Financial aid office of the university will display a list of selected candidates.

What it covers

HEC need base scholarship program 2021 covers:

  • The full tuition fee of the university.
  • And a specified monthly stipend of about 6000/- that is given in form of a cheque or directly transferred to the bank account of awardees.

Required Documents

Documents that need to be uploaded in the application portal with the duly filled application form HEC need-based scholarship program 2021 are given below:

  • 02 passport size photographs
  • A statement of purpose ( You have to write it on your own in MS word and then upload the file in PDF form).
  • Educational transcripts from metric to onward.
  • Domicile/CNIC of applicant and guardian.
  • Latest fee slips of applicants and siblings (brothers, sisters, etc, who are currently studying).
  • Copies of medical bills.
  • Rent slip if the house is by rent.
  • Income certificate (attested by the chairman of regional tehsildar). Income certificate form Download
  • Salary slip (in case the guardian is a government employee)
  • Note: Only one thing is required either an income certificate or salary slip.
  • Paid fee slips of the university.
  • Electricity, water, gas, and telephone bills (if applicable).


How to write a statement of purpose

Statement of purpose is an important factor that increases the chances to win the specific reward. You can write up to 04 to 05 paragraphs. All the paragraphs must be justified and written in a good manner i.e. without any grammatical/spelling mistakes. You can create a PDF form of not more than 02 pages.  Here in the case with HEC need based scholarship program, you can follow the given instruction:

  • 1st paragraph: Introduction/your academics/department/degree
  • 2nd paragraph: Your goals and aims in your degree (how your degree can be beneficial for you and your country).
  • 3rd and 4th paragraph: Here you have to explain why you are eligible for this program. As this is need base program, so you must be needy. Mention your financial background. How is it difficult for you to proceed without a scholarship? and how this program will help you in order to overcome your financial crisis. You can here mention, each and everything about your expenses. If you belong to a village or town, you are highly encouraged to mention all the backgrounds.
  • Your statement of purpose must be effective enough.
  • Don’t copy the statement of others as you have a different background than he/she has. So be careful.
  • 02 pages are more than enough to explain everything. Make a PDF and upload it while applying.

Formates of the statement of purpose

Hailing from a remote area of southern Punjab where people don’t even dream about higher education, it’s not less than a miracle that today I have been enrolled in the department of plant breeding and genetics at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad Pakistan. I am Kamran Arshad from District Muzaffar Garh and a regular Student at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan with a registration number of 2018-ag-6600.

From early childhood, I had to live at student hostels, far from my home because my village lacks even basic educational facilities. I have suffered but I can proudly say that my struggle has rewarded me with confidence, knowledge, and most of all, hope. I have experienced that how your struggle pays you back and that has made me more ambitious. My passion to work for the betterment of farmers is just not ignorable. Being from a farmer’s community, I have a dream to make a farmer’s life full of easiness.

Since, my university admission, I have been continuously facing financial problems, as we don’t have a proper source of income. I wish to have an organization that can support me to come to my dreams true. And I believe that Higher Education Commission,  HEC, will provide me a source by which I could study without any financial stress at the time of my semester fee Submission. Likewise all the deserving students, I am also Seeing towards its financial assistance and have a high hope to get it.


The deadline for HEC need base program for UAF students is 05 June 2021. All the interested applicants must complete the whole application process before the given deadline.

Application process

Note that: Stay and keep all the contacts you have given in the application form active. No wrong details should be given.

Note that: No application form should be sent directly to HEC. You just need to apply through the respective institution.

There is an online application process for HEC need base program for University of Agriculture Faisalabad students only. All the candidates have to submit an online application form along with the required documents (to be uploaded in pdf form) to the application portal of the university. Documents sent directly to the HEC office will not be entertained at all. You have to create your account, and the login to get access to the application form.  Click the links below to fill out the application form and to see the official announcement.

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