English Proficiency Certificate for CSC Scholarship 2023-24 (Download template)

English Proficiency Certificate for CSC Scholarship 2023-24 (Download template)

English proficiency certificate is an other important document for winning scholarship. For Chinese Government Scholarship, IELTS or any other language proficiency test scores are not Mandatory. But you need to provide an “English proficiency Certificate” which should define that your last degree was taught in English language. Please note that, most of the Universities provide their own template of this certificate. But career help portal has also attached a template of this document which can found in below sections. 

Please note that

  • You can get this certificate from your previous University/institute registrar/Scholarship office. So, first contact your concerning office. If they demand template, you can use the template given below.
  • For UAF (University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan) students, you need to get a chalan form, from account office (Rs/- 500), pay it in NBP branch in university. Attached paid chalan form with you student card and an application form from market and submit it to the student record branch. You’ll get it in three (03) working days.

Template section

Here we have attached two different files of language proficiency certificate. But again, please keep in mind that, you must have to contact university concerning office first. If they need template, then you can prepare your letter according to attached templates. Good luck!


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