Formats of personal statement for Global UGRAD exchange program 2023 | Documentation for Global UGRAD exchange program 2023

Formats of personal statement for Global UGRAD exchange program 2023 | Documentation for Global UGRAD exchange program 2023

Career help portal is bringing another amazing opportunity for Pakistani Students who want to study in the world’s best Universities in the USA under the UGRAD Fully Funded Exchange Program 2023.

Here we have collected 04 amazing formats of personal statements for the Global UGRAD exchange program 2023. It’s also an important portion of the whole Documentation for the Global UGRAD exchange program 2021. You’re directed to please follow the given instructions for a successful application process:
  • Work on the whole Documentation including a personal statement.
  • Contact your seniors or you can also consult us for checking your profile (statement). 
  • After removing each and every possible fault from your Documentation, apply it on the official website carefully.
Your Documentation is your profile. Officials of the Global UGRAD Fully Funded Exchange Program will judge your personality on basis of your Documentation. So make it attractive and impressive as much as you can. We have here collected up to 04 templates of the UGRAD personal statements. It’s just for your assistance. You will a good idea from here. But keep in mind that you can’t use the whole paragraphs given here. Just get an idea and mold it into your own ideas. Don’t copy and paste it. Otherwise, your application will be disqualified. In the official advertisement of the global UGRAD Fully Funded Exchange Program, it is described very clearly that any plagiarism in your Documentation or personal statement will lead to disqualification. So here you need to be very careful. 

Table of Contents

Personal statement for UGRAD global exchange program #01

Being from a remote area of Baluchistan it was very difficult for my family to establish ourselves in different fields based on higher education. My father, a true visionary led our family and brought us all up to the standards where we all are among very few of our relatives who are well educated and well settled. I consider myself to be an energetic, hardworking, and ambitious individual. I have always enjoyed an unorthodox lifestyle among my friends. I joined Girls Guide when I was in 4th grade, I volunteered for helping 2005 Earthquake-affected people while traveling right to the heart of the affected areas. I also participated in many “All Pakistan Camps” arranged at various locations in Pakistan and have learned a lot through interaction with people from diverse cultures. I joined Scouting Youth Council and participated in numerous youth programs at SYC and finally became a member of their organizing committee. I am working with an event management organization as their coordinator. Their aim is to aid the youth of Baluchistan in exploring the diversity of terrain and cultures. I have participated in numerous debate and declamation contests. I have participated in MUN (Model United Nations)-QTA twice and awarded as best delegate both times. I also became a part of the MUN Club. I have also participated in conducting free medical camps in villages and around Quetta city concerning the treatment of eyes, kidneys, etc. Besides all these activities I am among the brilliant students of my batch.
In the end, I would say that I am a medical student and I understand the limitations being faced by our country especially in remote areas like mine. If I get a chance to visit developed nations and understand their methodology of medical care, I would be able to help my people better. The critical concern of Thalassemia in my division Zhob will be my prime point of focus. There is a lot of room for improvement in our methods and customs of treatment which I am sure would be easier to mend through a systematic approach.

Personal statement for UGRAD global exchange program #02

As I lay in bed, my eyes were set on the raindrops grazing the roof. I began to think about how I managed to live here in Rawalpindi. The raindrops caressing the panels were like me, falling from the sky as if it has finally escaped imprisonment of its predefined nature, rushing to anything within reach. When I went from Badin to Islamabad, I could see everything with my eyes closed. I pictured sitting carefree in a restaurant with my friends, standing on a rostrum delivering praise-worthy presentations, but I knew it was never going to be that easy. I was being ignored, rejected, and mocked at but I never gave up. Migrating here from Badin gave me a lot of inferiority complexes. Now that I have made improvements and developed a passion for English, I am set on being a journalist, English language professor, and a future novelist. Studying in an all-female university is an issue as I don’t interact with a diverse group of people. Accordingly, I’ve made online friends from different countries and cultures. Being a literature and language student, the United States, a multi-cultural country will give me first-hand experience of interacting in diversified settings. I will be a representative of my country as I become an independent and more improved person. After returning, I will inform students of my journey and empower students who dream as I do. UGRAD is a perfect platform that I’ve absolutely been looking for.


Personal statement for UGRAD global exchange program #03 (Medical Students can good ideas from here).

I have always felt that we as humans have an inborn desire to want to help others. This passion has blossomed into a responsibility. I am beginning to understand that medicine is my permanent source of satisfaction. The statement, “The most exquisite pleasure in the practice of medicine comes from nudging a layman in the direction of terror, then bringing him back to safety again”, by Kurt Vonnegut in the novel “God Bless You”. Gave me a thought that how being a doctor would feel and has convinced me to pursue medicine as a means for serving the community.
To further my insight into the medical field I participated in a work shadowing week at a local hospital. Here I gained insight into how MRI and other medicines work. I gained a valuable understanding of the workings of the surgery and observed the ward rounds, a skin biopsy, and an endoscopy clinic all of which I found interesting and helped me pursue medicine.
My desire to study medicine is reflected in my intermediate choices. My interest in the human body led me to pursue Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at Intermediate, which significantly improved my study of diseases, confidence in a laboratory and practical skills.
I enjoy socializing and playing football having captained by the high school to numerous successes and played for the college football team. Partaking in teamwork as both a member and a leader has improved my teamwork proficiency, leadership, competence, good teamwork abilities, and communication skills
Besides admiring the USA’s education and greenery, having my studies in the country having advanced and up-to-date technology would be my wish to have familiarized with and a chance to meet with USA’s students along the way and to know about their nature, culture, customs, and skills to show them ours would be an honor beyond words.

Personal statement for UGRAD global exchange program #04

Hailing from a remote area on the verge of the Pak-Afghan border where people don’t even dream about higher education, it’s not less than a miracle that today I am enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering department of a prestigious Engineering University in Pakistan.
It wasn’t that easy as it may sound. I have tried hard to get admission to a University of good repute. If I’ll get more opportunities to excel; it would send a positive message to the youth and elders in my area that education is the ray of hope in the current bewildering situation.
From early childhood, I had to live at student hostels, far from my home because my village lacks even basic educational facilities. I have suffered but I can proudly say that my struggle has rewarded me with confidence, knowledge, and most of all, hope. I have experienced that how your struggle pays you back and that has made me more ambitious.
God has blessed me with a number of skills including the quality of being out-spoken, have won different titles in several debating contests. I have been the best debater of school, college, and province. Recently won the 2nd position at the Inter-department declamation contest and am selected for a regional declamation contest from my university. Been the best player of cricket at the school level and played different domestic games.
I believe in Win-Win situations. I feel that it’s my duty to share what I have with those who can’t afford to acquire. That’s why I have voluntarily organized different seminars and workshops on career counseling and future planning. I have volunteered as a teacher in my village school. Worked as a volunteer, in the rehabilitation of earthquake and flood-affected areas of Pakistan.
I believe in the power of youth and I consider youth as the symbol of success for a society. I m a youth activist and have attended different seminars, workshops, and conferences for the development and awareness of youth. I have recently attended an international youth conference and seminar held in Islamabad.
The world, being a global village today needs harmony among people from different religions and races. This Student Exchange Programme seems to me as a perfect chance to meet people from diverse ethnicities. If today’s Youth will avail such opportunities to understand and tolerate each other, tomorrow’s world would be more peaceful and prosperous. This exchange program will help me enhance my leadership skills and the myriad exposure of this program would enhance the effectiveness of my devotion to educate my people. This program will help me experience the eminent education standards of the United States that can enhance my passion and love for my field. Moreover, from my example, People back here will know the U.S.A as a friend who is concerned about the future of their youth instead of an unseen enemy who bombs them with unmanned air-crafts.
This page is just for developing your ideas. Don't copy it.

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So, are you excited? Do you want to apply to this program? The deadline for the Global UGRAD exchange program 2023 is 21 September 2022 which means that still there’s enough time for you to work on documentation and apply. Follow the links to get access to the Detailed post about this program.
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