Physical Examination Form for CSC Scholarship 2023-24 (Download template)

Physical Examination Form for CSC Scholarship 2023-24 (Download template)

Physical examination form is considered to be an other important document that is needed at time of application for CSC Scholarships. Physical Examination form is also called Foreigner Physical Examination form used to apply for any kind of scholarship in China as well as to apply for Chinese Visa. This form isn’t only applicable for CSC Scholarship, but also presidential, ANSO, University and provincial scholarships. Career help portal has compiled all the details of physical examination form along with template. 

Please note that

  • You need to download the physical examination form from the template section below. Take a it’s print in hard form.
  • Take it to the nearest government hospital or THQ/DHQ. There you need to get it filled, signed from a physician and stamped out. 
  • Students from university of Agriculture Faisalabad, please note that you need to take this printed form to the university dispensary. They will sign and stamp it out.
  • After that, scan it and save it your device. It’s PDF form will be used in application.
  • Please be kindly informed that this form is valid for 06 (six) months. So, try to complete this form in December and then start your application process otherwise university may reject this form.

Template section

Template section
Here we have attached two forms. An original blank form that you can use. And second is the filled form that you can use for an idea. Good luck!


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